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Rebecca’s Multimodal Magic Portfolio

The Magic of

I’m Rebecca Santana, a senior journalism student at the University of Florida. Over the course of my last semester at UF I spent my time trying to bring awareness to a cause I care deeply about. I’ve personally struggled with mental health my whole life, and I know so many people who have stories similar to mine. As a college student, I’ve seen my peers tear themselves apart trying to deal with the stress of attending a top tier university. In my time here at least one student has committed suicide, and a plethora of others are suffering and don’t know where to turn. I focused on creating projects that could be resources, not only for UF students, but for anyone who’s struggling. I’ve created a website, video, zine and podcast that shed light on this important issue and can act as a bank of knowledge for anyone looking to improve their mental health or help a loved one. At the end, I know that all the time and effort I spent on each of these projects will ultimately help someone. If even one person sees this work and stops to assess their mental health, I will have accomplished my goal.


Take a look at my suicide prevention zine, and learn about this growing issue.

Mental Health Resources Map

Discover the different mental health resources you have access to in Gainesville, Florida.

You Are Not Alone Podcast

Join the dialogue on mental health issues among college students.

No Need for Last Words Music Video

Listen to this lyrical rock ballad that brings attention to the mental health struggles all of us experience.